Top 10 Logo Design Inspiration Galleries
NEED logo design inspiration? Below we feature 10 of the best logo design galleries for all of your inspirational needs.

Top 17 Logo From The Past 3 Year Of Wolda

WOLDA is the high-profile graphic design award scheme that rewards the best logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. The winners are selected by an international three-tier jury consisting of 10 top design professionals, 10 marketing managers from major international clients and finally 10 members of the public (provided respectively by the worldwide organizations Icograda, Aquent and Consumers International)

20 Magazine Layout Designs for Inspiration

This post showcases 30 creative and beautifully designed inside pages of magazines. There are some elements that we give importance to when designing the inside pages of a magazine such as the typeface used for headlines, subheadlines and the body, the color palette or combination of colors used, the paragraph style, the folio, the styles applied to images. These are some of the elements that we set in our templates, master pages or style sheets when doing the layout in Adobe Indesign or other desktop publishing programs in order to create a coherent look for a particular publication or magazine from cover to cover.

10 Must-Read Blogs on Graphic Design Typography

Letters and words are everywhere. In fact, types are present in almost everything we do–from traffic signs, billboards, packaging of products that we buy from the supermarket to brochures and office memorandums. As graphic designers, we we are the ones who decide how these texts and words will look like in our brochures, packaging designs, billboards and so on. Thus a better understanding of typography and how to use it in our designs is beneficial to every designer.

4 Concepts Logo Design Details You May Be Forgetting About
YOU probably have a check list, at least in your mind, of what goes into making a good logo design. You may know how to design a logo and you’ve probably studied some of the greats however are you forgetting these four critical factors when you design your logos?

Free Business Card Templates You Can Use to Design Your Own Cards

Business cards are one of the most inexpensive yet very powerful marketing tools you can use to promote yourself or your business. Most important to remember in designing your business cards, according to experts, is to make sure that the design you create for your cards reflects the image that you wish to convey.

10 Most Downloaded Wordpress Plugins of All Time

Wordpress Plugins make blogging easier for all of us who have chosen Wordpress as our CMS or content management system. Especially for people who are not good at coding, it would be impossible to add the features or interface that we want for our Wordpress-powered site both front-end and back-end without these plugins. That is why Wordpress plugins have become a big part of the Wordpress community. I, myself, have used many of the Wordpress plugins out there.

20 Graffiti Concepts Wallpapers fir Your Desktops

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