For Immediate Release: The Unforgivable, Graphic Novel


The battle between Heaven and Hell plunges into it's darkest hour as Angels and Demons, face their own extinction.

Necodemis Necrowpolis, has been haunted by demons since his childhood, forcing him to stay on the run from his nightmares that haunt his soul.

The Forces of Light and Darkness will stop at nothing to find Necodemis Necrowpolis, who can unlock the one weapon that can end the war.

Welcome to a future where Hell on Earth is infested with Dirty Science, Super Technology, Angels, Demons and Monsters.

In the battle between Good and Evil, Necodemis Necrowpolis, will be forced to do the Unforgivable.
The Unforgivable Vol. 1 Devilution, June2010/ Diamond#100791, Full color Graphic Novel (104 pages) will be in limited circulation during, The Unforgivable 11:34 Global Tour, kicking off in Bakersfield, California, August 14, 2010 (RUSSO’S BOOKS 9000 Ming Avenue, Bakersfield, CA @ 7PM) followed by August 18 (THE COMIC BUG 1807 ½ Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA @ 5PM), (MELTDOWN COMICS, Los Angeles, CA)--Tour dates include Las Vegas, Oregon, Seattle, Texas, Miami, New York, Malaysia, Argentina, and UK.

Limited signed copies of The Unforgivable Vol.1 Devilution and special, signed, Tour posters will be a part of this Global Promotion. BrainMachine Comix continues its pursuit of promoting the fans and comic shops/book stores around the world with a Global book signing tour!

BE WARNED … book supplies and posters will be limited and exclusive to The Unforgivable 11:34 Tour locations.
The Unforgivable Vol.1 – Devilution - is a Global Collaboration in the form of a Graphic Novel Experience.

Published by BrainMachine Comix the project consists of Writer/Creator: Paskael Tyiska (United States), Artist: Alan Tham (Malaysia), Colorist: Ivanna Matilla (Argentina), Letterist: Randeep Grewal (United States), and Graphic Designer: M. R. Dodson (U.K), this global collaboration team comes together for this Super Sci-fi/ Horror.

11 cities in 34 days kicks off August 14, 2010 check link below for more information.

Dates are still being added and some dates are subject to change check for complete details.

Bakersfield, CA - Manhattan Beach, CA - Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA - -
(please check website for updates and schedule)
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