Unique Business Card Design

Most people advertise by old concept their business cards to a paper or shoving them in a generic business card. However, you’re a visionary entrepreneur and such old-fashioned business card advertising methods just won’t do! Instead, you hunger for something unique that makes your business cards stand out from the rest, possibly something a little like this: Before Cool Laser Cut Business Card Designs

Let's start with a card that includes a magnetic strip, which simply plugs into a USB adapter which in turn syncs the new data with your Address book.

USB business card

A cheaper solution is to include a mobile phone readable 2D barcode on your card that allows people to scan in your data quickly and precisely.

A bit more creativity and a little less die-cut can also demonstrate well what your client does. In this case the dentist removing cavities.

You can use other more expensive materials if paper doesn't hold well enough. This one for example is made up of thin wood board.

Maybe not like this one.

The thing with die-cuts is they show on the other side of the card, which is usually an annoyance, but if you're smart you can make good use of it, like on this card made for a company Lion in Oil. This card reads both ways.

Laser cut card, this idea really pushes the limits of what can be achieved with paper 

This concept card includes a ring with a proximity sensor and allows exchange of data when you shake hands with your new contact. This would give a whole new meaning to the handshake that now becomes obsolete among teens.

The message is very important if you're going to bear the extra cost of laser cutting or die-cutting.

This card for a manicurist is a little oversized, but it may even prove to be useful.

And if wood isn't enough for even more detail go for thin metal sheets.

I know this idea has been done before for photographers, but still like this one because it makes a good use of the die-cut on both sides.

Err... Allow me not to comment on this one.

Prefer twitter? Make sure you twitter the event of giving a card out immediately.

With all the new technology around us, do we still need to carry physical business cards around? Can't we just rely on people googling us? Well, it may work as long as you have a memorable set of keywords that surely resolve to your domain.

You can make the holes big enough so you can put your fingers through to complete the picture, like on this card for Yoga classes.

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